четверг, 19 августа 2010 г.

Avid/MAudio sucks


I think it speaks to the lack of talent and vision of the engineers who designed this thing. A few years ago I was offered a job at M-Audio as an electrical engineer to help design their products. Not only did they design M-Audio's line, but Digidesign's product line as well. I ended up not taking the job for 2 reasons:
1) They cut corners where ever they could in their products to save money (and judging by Avid's latest offerings I'm guessing they still adhere to the same philosophy)
2) The engineer's there were pretty clueless. I think a big problem is that most of them are just engineers and don't have a musical background so It's hard for them to design something that sounds good.

So that's kind of turned me off to Avids products.


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